A Word With Lillian Duncan– Nick Wale interviews the author of “The Christmas Stalking”

A few weeks ago, I had an open call for interviews. I wanted fresh talent for interviews on this blog. With the new year here and the blog flourishing, I am slowly mixing these interviews in with my regular works. Sometimes, change can be a great thing and I hope you enjoy this short but sweet chat with author Lillian Duncan.

Q) Nice to meet you Lillian. Let’s start with a plug for your work. What is your latest book called?

A) My latest release is a novella—a fancy word for a shorter-than-novel length story. It’s called THE CHRISTMAS STALKING. Destiny is a country music star with a problem. Someone’s stalking her and she has no idea who. She decides to hide away in a small village in upstate New York, but the stalker follows!

Q) How are the public taking to your books?

A) Everyone seems to enjoy them from what I can tell. Great reviews so far. With so many books being published all the time, there’s a lot of competition to get noticed.

Q) Let’s talk books. What do you like to write about?

My books are Christian fiction in the romantic suspense genre, but there’s a lot more suspense than romance. My stories have a lot of action and lots of twists and turns before getting to the finale. Many men seem to think women can’t write action-filled suspense, but men like my books as much as women. The Christmas Stalking is my third release in the past two years with PURSUED and DECEPTION being released in 2011. I have one book contracted for next year—BETRAYED.

Q) How do you write? Do you like to listen to music? Do you like silence?

A) It’s sort of quiet where I write, but never completely. I work upstairs in my office, but life happens downstairs. Life for me includes two dogs, four parrots, and one husband. The combination can be quite noisy at times, but it works for me.

Q) What drives you on as a writer?

A) To create entertaining stories while showing God’s love for us.

Q) What do you personally think makes a great read?

A) Wonderful characters with a big problem! In my case, either finding a murderer or trying to stop a murder—usually their own!

Q) Who is your favourite author?

A) Terri Blackstock and Brandilynn Collins are two of my favorite authors. The first time I read either one of their books, I thought to myself—oh, they write like me. It was only when I discovered them that I actually realized there was a Christian suspense genre out there.

Q) Where can people buy your work?

A) My books are available at the major online bookstores (Amazon and Barnes & Noble) or at my publisher’s website: PelicanBookGroup.com

You can also learn more about my writing at LillianDuncan.net

Q) If you could choose to have written one book– which would it have been?

A) There are many, but one that comes to mind is Forrest Gump. I mean what an interesting book that must have been to write. A love story, most of the modern historical events of my life up to that point, and his own personal journey as a man, all wrapped up into one fun story.

Thanks for stopping by Lillian! We here at Novel Ideas would like to wish you every ounce of New Year cheer for great sales over the coming months!

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  1. Great interview Lillian & Nick.


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