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Aug 20

Brand New From Scott Harris: “Stagecoach Willy: Death Across Texas”

Stagecoach Willy and Ten are known respectively as the best stagecoach driver and shotgun messenger in the West, but they’re struggling to retire and enjoy life from somewhere other than a stagecoach front bench. Willy is tracked down by an old boss, who’s also an old friend and runs a stagecoach business in Texas. His …

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Aug 16

It’s A 600,000 Page Read Month For Western Hitmaker William H. Joiner!

  Tremendous to see that this will be the first 600,000 page read month for Western author William H. Joiner. With many books on the Western bestseller charts… it’s likely that he will surpass the million page mark in September. Joiner says: Other than summer jobs as a teenager, I have always been in business …

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Aug 16

How The Three C’s Drive Those Western Book Sales Up… And How You Can Use Them!

  When Randall Dale released his new series, nobody could have predicted the absolutely mania that would follow. Not only have the first two books in the series hit the number one bestseller position, but his back catalogue has flared up to create something of a rush on Randall Dale product. This month, an estimated …

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Aug 15

Brand New Western Action From Cherokee Parks! “Silver, Gold and Blood In Arizona” Is Now Available!

A brand new Western from the bestselling author of “No Town For Outlaws,” “Death For Hire” and many other great Western adventures! This is “Silver, Gold and Blood In Arizona” from Cherokee Parks! Somewhere in Texas – History tells us that living in Yavapai County and in and around Prescott and the Bradshaw Mountains during …

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Aug 13

The Marvel Of Creativity When It Comes To Selling Your Western Novels!

The beauty of creativity is that those who are trying to get books read can trial any idea that comes to mind. You see, there is a consensus when thinking about books. Writers write a book, and readers buy it. That’s the consensus, but those who have experience of the business know this isn’t the …

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Aug 12

New And Upcoming Western Releases You’ll Love! Have You Added These Books To Your Library?

As the summer continues… lets take a look at some of the new releases heading to a Kindle reader near you…  

Aug 08

‘The Pardner’s Trust Series: The First, Second, Third and Fourth Books In The “Pardner’s Trust” Western Series’ Now Available!

For the first time all four of the books in the “Pardner’s Trust” Western series are together—for your reading pleasure. Thrill to four award-winning Westerns from Randall Dale! Pardner’s Trust: A good horse gone bad and a young, ambitious cowboy meet in an epic battle of wills in the dry and dusty southwest. Hard working …

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Aug 02

How To Move A Million: The Strategy Behind The New Western Bestseller From George M. Goodwin!

Lately, a new hitmaker has emerged that Western readers seem to truly appreciate. His name is George M. Goodwin—and he was signed by Outlaws Publishing a few weeks ago. With a strong back catalogue, a strategy was needed that would make his books shine for the company. As you may already know, Outlaws Publishing has …

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Aug 02

“A Johnny Black Classic Western Adventure: Frontier Lawman” Heads To Market For Gary Church!

  In March of 1872, the American Civil War had officially been over for seven years. Texas had been re-admitted to the Union in March of 1870, and the issues with the Indians had been largely resolved in the state during the previous two years. However, crime was rampant. It was so bad in some …

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Aug 01

“Gunfighter: Morgan Deerfield: Death on the Horizon” Is Now Available On Pre-Order From John D. Fie, Jr!

The Old West. A time of man’s bravery and fears. A place where a man needed every ounce of his strength to survive. A barbaric time. A better time. It is a place we call the Old West. This is an exciting adventure in that dangerous, yet dramatic and exciting place. A powerful new series …

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