Back To The Number One Position For C. Wayne Winkle And The Fifth Book In His “Searcher” Western Series!


The fifth book in the “Searcher” series from C. Wayne Winkle has hit the top!

What’s the book about?

Building a ranch in new country is a chancy thing. There are problems galore; some of those problems can turn deadly. Ten, Lolotea, and his pa, Wes, find this to be true in Wyoming. After settling on great land for raising cattle and horses, they are hit with obstacles that take a disastrous turn. Betrayal and death are two of them.

What do the reviewers say?

“As always with Ten St. John stories, this one is another five star masterpiece, and is somewhat heartbreaking from time to time, as the good people are besieged by the bad guys. Ten and his comrades in arms finally get the situation in hand, but not before he loses his beloved wife. The storylines successfully portrays compassionate camaraderie as the good guys definitely adjusts to the tragedies and comes out with guns blazing. Mr. Winkle is a master when it comes to character selections, and he even outdid himself with this compassionate masterpiece of heartwarming entertainment. The bad guys were perfectly selected for their assignments and they all ended the way we like to see them end dead!

Definitely recommend this compassionately outstanding portrayal of realistic old western folklore , to all readers, but definitely to you died in the wool western enthusiasts, as there is plenty of action, some very intense situations, and plenty of tragedies to really grab your undivided attention throughout this compelling western masterpiece. Even you non-western enthusiasts will find this compelling western story entertaining and definitely has enough firefights to fulfill your desire.

Great story from beginning to end.”