“The Broken Halo of Hobe Lett: A Western Adventure” Is Now Available From Jim Burnett!

Jim Burnett has written the sixth installment to Miracle at Caller’s Spring Ranch. It is not your average Western.

Come ride along with the pistol-shooting, Bible-quoting brothers who bring their own brand of twisted justice across the West. Albert and Hobe Lett were raised in a minister’s home, but when their father dies prematurely of a heart attack, they become mad at the world, especially church folks who they feel are the real culprits in their father’s death.

Taking up the gun and the devil’s ways, these brothers proudly earn the moniker “The Missionaries” as they administer their own form of justice on those who are causing others harm in each town they visit, often quoting Scripture to justify their actions. It’s not until Albert is forced to kill a man who is about to shoot Hobe in a bank robbery gone bad that the brothers begin to realize the wrong path they are on. But before they can set things right, a bounty hunter kills Albert.

The Broken Halo of Hobe Lett will have you laughing one moment and wiping tears from your face in the next. It is a powerful story of religion gone bad.