The Triumphant Return of Western Bestseller Mike Hundley: “Riders of the Peacemaker Trail” Is Now Available!

He’s back! This is Western writing superpower Mike Hundley with his latest, greatest, larger-than-life, cowboy-filled, goodness, gracious me… bestseller! This is “Riders of the Peacemaker Trail.”

The Western Your Kindle Has Been Asking For!


Colorado 1887, the Garrison boys, now young brave and honorable men, saddled their big horses and took up the trail south to Mexico. They had promised her to visit, that day as she rode off in a wagon, her murdered husband’s coffin riding beside her to his final resting place. That little Spanish mission was only six days ride. She had raised them and they had promised. A rider had summoned them. Madeira only had days to live. They loaded their Winchesters and Colts and set out onto a long and dangerous trail. They longed to see her and to say goodbye.

Danger and death confronted them every step they took in Mexico. Ransom grew overnight into a man as he met the woman who far surpassed any dreams he ever had of women. The black veil she wore fell away to show her face. They fell in love at first glance, staring across an open grave as an angry man pulled her away.

Then Ransom, instantly in love had to free her from her family, out to kill all Gringos to avenge a death of twenty years earlier. Many Gringo cowboys had died along the hot dusty trails they rode and the Garrison boys vowed not to be among the dead. They fought back and corpses littered the long trail home, running from El Citcatrizar, ‘Scar,’ the worse kind of enemy.

Scar, vengeful and angry, drove his gang to track them, shooting every day at any target. Their blood dripped onto the parched earth yet they kept on coming, all the way back to the border.

Shielding the new love in his life, Ransom becomes a match for every threat with his silver pistol. Fearing his little brother was becoming a gunfighter Gabe rides along taking risks to protect him and his new found love. The gate to death was opened wide and many rode through it on the Peacemaker Trail.

The trail of honor they had taken to pay final respects to the woman who had raised them, turned into a trail of challenges blood and death. Dead bodies paved the way back across the border in this wonderful tale of honor, love, revenge, death, happiness and sorrow. As with all books written by Mike Hundley, he keeps his promise in Riders of the Peacemaker trail that no bullet will be left unfired and no emotion will be left untouched. This is a full storied novel, in the style of old Western novels written by the masters of yesterday. Ride the Peacemaker Trail with Mike Hundley and see why his name is on the lips of readers of his very realistic Western stories.