Randall Dale Smashes The Competition To Score The Number One Western Bestseller

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Randall Dale, one of the most acclaimed Western authors, broke all existing sales records for his product—with over a quarter of a million pages read in a month and the number one chart position in the United States.

This new series opens with an attempt on Marshal Hawk’s life by an unknown gunman, along with a mysterious telegram from Wichita, written to the would-be killer, along with a second telegram with the name of Hawk’s sworn enemy, Deputy James Cartwell, on it as another target for assassination.

Wichita holds memories for both of the targets of the “hit,” and even though they hate each other, they reluctantly join forces to hunt down the person who ordered the hit on them.

Their pursuit takes them on many adventures together, occasionally getting sidetracked to chase down bank robbers and murderers, such as Blackjack Parmeter. The result is that their dislike for each other turns into reluctant respect, along with some surprising Wichita connections to their past lives and families.

This new number one success comes as Dusty Saddle Publishing and Outlaws Publishing hold a monopoly on Western bestsellers with Mike Mackessy (Broken Dog Ranch), Gary Church (Good Man—Bad Enemy), Paul L. Thompson (Kill Every Witness), Jim Burnett (Persistent Justice), Scott Harris (Stagecoach Willy: 600 Bloody Miles), C. Wayne Winkle (The Searcher), William H. Joiner, Jr. (The Legend of Jake Jackson), Gene Turney (The Little Ranch in Texas), C. Emerson Law (Frontier Marine), Robert Hanlon (Timber: United States Marshal), and many others already at, or heading toward, bestseller status.

The new hit in this Dale Western series will be released towards the middle of July and will likely have readers sitting on the edge of their seat. “I just know that when I get started, I don’t know where the story will go,” Dale explains. “The characters do all the work. I just keep the pushing the keys.”

You can purchase your copy of “Branson Hawk: U.S. Marshal,” from Amazon.com. You can also learn more by emailing Nick@nickwale.org. (Read original press release here)