The Sixth Western Novel In The “Caz: Vigilante Hunter Series” From Scott Harris Is Now Available For Pre-Order On Kindle!

This is the sixth, and most action-packed adventure yet, in a brand new Western series from Western adventure bestseller Scott Harris! With gun in hand—Caz blasts his way through the bad guys to bring peace and justice to the Old West!

A whore’s life is never easy, and it’s even harder when you’re a slave in San Francisco’s Barbary Coast. Good people are being killed and tortured, and that’s where Caz comes in.

With lawmen afraid to help, Caz, along with his friends, Grizzly and Rockhouse, look to free those who need freeing and kill those who need killing. Doesn’t take long before both are happening.

Slave traders, sailors and loggers are all part of the three-day battle, and there is danger at every turn. Caz, as he always does, leaves a long trail of justice in his wake. It’s an easy trail to follow—just look for the dead men.