REBLOG: How To Write A Bestseller With Western Writer Scott Harris: Mile 13: Surround Yourself

Scott Harris. An enigma in the Western writing business. A man who has scored hits with each of his releases. There isn’t enough room to name them all here… and now we are presenting his thoughts about writing. Each one of these blogs will give you the thoughts of a bestseller… directly from his mouth! Read on and discover more about Harris’ writing world… You can read the original article by clicking here.

As I started to write this particular Trail Notes, I found myself kicking around a couple of different ideas. As I often do when I’m thinking about writing, I found myself looking around my office, and I realized this week’s topic was right in front of me. In fact, it’s all around me. I’m staring at the complete Louis L’Amour leatherette collection, every volume. There are samples of my books scattered all over my desk and dozens of other Western books and movies covering the walls.

Also on my shelves and my desk are replicas of the weapons that Brock and Huck use — Huck’s 1849 Colt Pocket, Brock’s 10-inch Bowie knife and a beautiful replica of Brock’s Remington 1858.

And right in front of me sits a bottle of Old Forester bourbon, the first bottled and labeled bourbon in the world, circa 1870. To top it off, I have a few different cigar boxes.


Because all of these things help to put me in the mood to write about the Old West. When I’m doing a little mulling, which I do almost every chapter, I find myself fingering the Bowie, or maybe taking the 1858 off the wall and playing with it a little. If I’m really stuck, a glass of bourbon and a cigar by the fire pit usually shakes out an idea or two.

What I’m suggesting is that you surround yourself with things that help you get in touch with your inner Western. Books, movies, knick-knacks, replicas — whatever it is that works as a touchstone for you and brings you out of the 21st century and back into your character’s head. The closer you can get to the time and place you’re writing about, the easier it is and the better job you’ll do.

I’d love to hear what you have on your desk, or in your writing area.

I wish you good writing, and if you have a question or something you’d like to share, send me an email at

Thank you, enjoy and keep writing!


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They stumble across four slaughtered Hopi Indians, track down the murderers, and find help in very unexpected places from friends – new and old.

The final battle is brutal, bloody and decisive.

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