A Gift For You! Catch “Cimarron Jack’s Real Wild West” Free On Kindle Throughout Wednesday 24th October 2018!

To celebrate the wild success of GP Hutchinson product during 2018… his first novel for Dusty Saddle Publishing, “Cimarron Jack’s Real Wild West” will be given away, on Kindle, as an e-Book for FREE throughout Wednesday 24th October 2018!

What Is “Cimarron Jack’s Real Wild West” about?

A bushwhacked Wild-West-show entrepreneur must prove he’s no mere dime-novel hero; either that or lose everything he holds dear.

Cimarron Jack Wheatley is just wrapping up a tremendously successful first tour with his very own highly acclaimed “Real Wild West Extravaganza” when his show is stricken by a rapid succession of oddly coincidental setbacks—injuries, formerly satisfied troupe members suddenly quitting, and then a catastrophic train wreck. It soon becomes apparent that Jack isn’t simply experiencing a run of bad luck. Someone aims to ruin the business he has invested his entire life into—and to end his life if he puts up a fight. Now, everything that Cimarron Jack is supposed to have represented as a symbol of Wild West heroism in the show, he must actually be, in the deadly reality of chasing down answers and outlaws. Grab your FREE copy by clicking here!