Paul Provo Arrives on the Scene: Paul Provo & Writing His Book



This interview is with Paul Provo. Paul is currently writing his first book and this interview appeared first on Great For My I-Reader. You can see the original here.

Hi, Paul. Thank you for agreeing to an interview with me. Let’s begin by asking if you have decided on the title of your first book?

It will be called “A Web of Malicious Opportunity,” a modern-day thriller.

Who will be interested in reading “A Web of Malicious Opportunity?”

This book is intended for the general public who travels by air. They should read the book because the world of air travel is threatened by a multitude of threats and hackers.

Where did that title come from?

The title occurred to me one morning after a night investigating websites. Maliciousness is such a human trait, it just made sense.

Who is your favorite character in the book?

My favorite character is Teo Yamah. Second is Art Sanderman. Teo because he is a pilot, like myself; and Art because he is an older man with extensive international flying experience and has serious issues with global warming.

Where do you see this book going?

My novel is capable of generating a sequel, and I can see that it is movie material—perhaps a series.

Can you think of any titles similar to “A Web of Malicious Opportunity” at the moment?

I can´t think of any other book similar to mine. None that I am aware of, in any case.

Tell us a little about yourself—who is Paul Provo?

I am Virgo with Leo ascendance. I am a dreamer; my imagination is absolutely limitless. I raced motorcycles as a young man, am a professional drummer with a few records to my credit, a long-distance swimmer, and have over sixteen thousand hours of flight time as an international airline pilot. I´m retired now and a full-time writer.

How can readers get in touch with you?

You may contact me via Facebook or my Promotional Agent, Nick Wale(

What will be next after this book?

You can expect a sequel. However, I am going to publish a short story collection called “Flying and Jump-Seat Adventures of an International Airline Pilot.” There are a few other future projects I am not yet ready to reveal at this time.

How can readers help you?

Readers who enjoy my novel can help by word-of-mouth. Tell your friends and family about it, and Like my Facebook page!

Do you have any tips for first time writers that may help them in their endeavours?

Tips for writing? Read other authors, and work your ass off. It ishard work, but extremely satisfying, especially when other authors enjoy it.

I would just like to mention that it is vitally important to find a team who can polish the final draft, especially an editor and promotional agent who believe in your craft. Evidently, writing is like music—a guitar and good song has a life of its own. A story does the same. If it touches a positive and entertaining, sensitive part of the reader, then it´s doing something, and that “something” should be done professionally. Much like flying modern airplanes—the public deserves the best.

Can we see a snippet from the book to whet readers’ appetites?

La Sociedad, one of today’s most dangerous major international terror organizations, had been chased around the globe for nearly twenty years. The CIA, FBI, Mossad and various other international agencies wanted their heads impaled on a light pole for all to see. Rumor had it they were uniting with IS to take over the world. Nothing came as a surprise anymore. They were ruthless and cunning. When the request from some obscure country called Taishan came in, the assassination project was immediately given the go-ahead, and Manito was called in to do what he knew how to do best—kill and vanish. The timing was accidentally perfect; the Basque terrorist group, ETA, one of La Sociedad´s partners in crime, already had an undercover agent positioned in the tiny Asian country. Miquel Ibarra, posing as a globe-trotting computer nerd, was facing losing his family in Bilbao if he didn´t follow their exact orders.

La Sociedad never made threats they were not willing to carry out. Manito flew from Caracas to New York, then Dusseldorf to Kuala Lumpur and onwards to Martinella Island, where he was in charge of arranging and personally meeting the First Lady of Taishan to take delivery of a million dollars in cash prior to taking out her estranged husband. The terrorist group had fingers in every continental pie, and in any country that could pay their criminal services. That was precisely their business, their specialty—taking out political figures.

President Gunshai was virtually unprotected, they easily discovered, and they rated his pending murder as easy. He had minimal security at most times, and he was easy meat. They gave him a 10, their internal code for “minimum resistance target.”

You can find out more about Paul by visiting his Facebook page. You can also visit his website here. There will be more interviews with Paul and, hopefully, excerpts from his upcoming book soon.