Why Western Writers Should Be Happier Now Than Ever Before


Westerns have long been some of the most successful books in the book business—from Zane Grey and Bower through to modern Western bestsellers like G.P. Hutchinson and John Legg. There are few in the know who can deny the fact that these books sell as well as they ever have. Those who are not in the know will probably tell you that the Western is dead. Hollywood— one of the great trend leaders in the world—has stopped making Westerns, so how can they still be so popular?

Well, it is a true fact that Hollywood has stopped making Westerns—but they’re still playing on TV, and there’s plenty of DVDs for fans to buy. There are also plenty of books, and those books sell well. It takes a bit of promotion, but a good Western can really gain a lot of attention. A recent client of mine had a Western that was sitting at over 1 million in Kindle store. We ran some promotional ideas and rolled it out, and after two months, it was in the top 5,000 on Amazon. From zero to hero, the book went flying up the bestseller lists.

Now, I am not saying that your Western is going to become the greatest hit in the book world overnight. What I am saying is that with a little bit of pushing, some shoving and some hard work, your Western will slowly start to bear fruit. If you would like to chat about your Western, feel free to email me at Nick@nickwale.org. I am happy to help and would love to meet you.