Memorial Weekend Bonanza!

This Memorial Weekend or English bank holiday is special for two reasons… J.W. Northrup and Chris Keys have BOTH decided to giveaway copies of their bestselling latest releases! Now, Novel Ideas is happy to tout these burning hot novels and give them away for free…

Chris Keys1Chris Keys is giving away “One Mistake”.

To avoid an expensive divorce, Tyler Stone devises what he believes is the perfect murder. He carefully plans every aspect of his crime to ensure he isn’t guilty of making that one mistake that will get him caught.

Believing he is about to have a private meeting with his soon to be ex-wife to discuss the terms of their divorce, Tyler sets his plan in motion. The plan remains whole for scant minutes though, as his soon to be ex-wife arrives with her sister in tow for moral support. Tyler is then forced to alter his plan for the first of what becomes a continuing series of adjustments all jn an effort to avoid making that one mistake!

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J.W. Northrup however is giving away his highly recommended novel “The Gold Slaves”.

This is a story about a group of gold miners who were confined within the Earth over a century ago in a secret mine run by the Rockwell Mining Company. Using the techniques of a new pseudo-science called “Brainology, the miners were conditioned to believe they live in the only “space” in a solid universe and their gods have decreed that they follow the path of gold to Nirvana. They offer their gold to the “gods” above in exchange for food and from their viewpoint it all makes sense.
With all the riches from their secret mine, and using the oppressive technology of Brainology, Rockwell has become a materialistic, psychotropically drugged-up company, surrounded by a huge, debauched city. In contrast, the miners have created a beautiful, aesthetic world in the underground mines devoid of drugs, crime and insanity.
But two of the miners escape from the mines by exploring an adjoining cave, they step out into an inconceivable new world of infinite space that turns their viewpoint and philosophies inside out.


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 There you go, folks! Two great books to read over this sultry, hot holiday! I think I will be reading them both in turn… Have a great time! Adios!

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