“I’m going to help the kids…” says Happiness Guru Patrick McMillan


Law of Attraction guru Patrick McMillan sat across from me. I was on a new assignment– I was going to interview a pioneer. Patrick McMillan comes from a broken home. He had an overbearing father and an alcoholic mother. Through his life, he has worked in Hollywood, brushed shoulders with the rich and famous of Los Angeles, traveled widely, and now he has found his true calling. He is a published self-help consultant. His mission is to spread the word of the Law of Attraction specifically to children to give kids the tools to bring positivity to their lives.

Sipping his coffee with a smile, he explained about his parents. “She was a mean drunk and he was overbearing. I took it until I was fifteen and then I left.” Thinking back to those far off days, he continued, “I was homeless for some time, but I stayed positive and soon I found myself faced with opportunities galore.”

As we sat in a coffee shop, I wondered out loud why he had written a book. “I just wanted to help all those kids that are like I was. I wanted to help kids and parents bond together. This was something I never had.” Patrick is a guy who has a natural affinity for kids and he identifies with parents. His own two sons have already benefited from his teachings. “I taught my kids first and then their teacher came to me and asked me to teach the whole class– I was surprised!”

Patrick then sought out experts in the self-help field. This led to him being recognized and applauded by the community for his written work and tutorials. He explained, “Well, it just snowballed! One day I was teaching my own kids and the next I was meeting with parents, children and classes.”

I asked him what he actually does. “I want kids to be positive, to realize how they think and feel about things manifests into reality; I use techniques and workshops to get them to pro-actively change their behaviour. Parents and children are able to bond with my help and that makes the connection stronger. It’s quite a beautiful thing.” I sipped my own coffee thinking about my own experiences with the Law of Attraction. I have always believed in it and I think a positive outlook CAN influence your life in a very profound way. “I think we all have the makings to do great things, Nick.” Patrick said seriously. “Why should a kid feel inadequate, sad, unloved, and confused? Why should a kid fall into bad patterns because he or she simply doesn’t know any better and doesn’t have the toolbox to deal with life?” Well, what can I say to that?

Living in Colorado, Patrick spends much of his time counseling kids. He teaches Happiness and he lives happily. I believe that he has a great new concept– catching kids before they learn bad habits– teaching them critical skills to learn how to be happy. “Positive behaviour is what all parents expect from their kids. Not all achieve it, but with my help, children can gain the tools to make themselves happy,” he explained, as he took another sip of coffee. I asked him, “What makes kids stressed?” He shot me a serious glance. “Society. Society has put more stress on our kids than ever before. It is my dream to help them throw off the shackles of society and dream to achieve.”

“Childhood depression has reached an all-time high– never has it been higher,” he explained. “Why should we stand by and allow our kids to be depressed? Why should weight, size, looks, or not having the latest shoes be such a big deal? Why should kids be bullied and made to feel small? Why aren’t kids more accepting?” I had no answer. “The reason,” Patrick explained, “is simple. We do not give our kids the tools to cope and they falter. They become bullies or the bullied because they cannot allow themselves to be accepting or accepted.”

Patrick conducts coaching sessions from anywhere. He interacts daily with clients over Skype and he also meets in person. He works with kids to solve behavioural issues, self-esteem problems, depression, and bullying. He is currently working on a new book, and his last book, Discover Your Happiness: A Guide Just for Kids, has been one of the benchmark books pioneering Law of Attraction teaching specifically for children. He comes highly recommended and, without a doubt, he’s a mover. The families he has helped have proven his theory. He left me with one sentence: “I am determined to do everything I can to help them, Nick.”

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Contact Patrick at powerfulhappiness (@) gmail.com for details of appointments.