Laying Down in the Hands of God

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

I have always believed that changes in your life happen for a reason. The reason is always a catalyst– you do not have bad luck. Changes happen to just move your life and direction towards a larger goal.

Failure is not an end and it never has been. To fail is just to change your direction. I believe that everyone is given the opportunity to advance on each path taken.

Lori and I first wrote “The Rose Amongst the Thorns” at a darkened point of my life. The world I personally lived in was in turmoil and I had returned home from the United States. I wanted to write about my journey and more importantly the journey my mother took. If you have taken the time to read the first two chapters of our work, then you will have learnt how hard life was for me growing up. I think you will also know how hard things were for my mother. The abuse she took from my father changed her. The path fate had placed her on was tough. She crumbled and resisted the change as she was unable to comprehend life without my father. The main domineering focus of her life was gone. Without her guiding and abusive controller she had no direction.

What was she to do?

She fell and never fully recovered. It was hard for her to accept Lori as my partner and impossible for her to give me the freedom I needed. However, I could not give my life to her depression and she could not understand why I felt the need to venture into a bigger world. Finally– she took the first steps into her own vast universe. The book details her resurrection and the steps she took to take her life into her own hands.

YOU can do the same and you will succeed.

A friend of mine recently broke up with her long term boyfriend. She lost and her home at the end of its lease. There was no way she could continue on the path she stood upon.

We talked and I assured her that things would get better. I told her that in time things would recover.

Time heals all wounds and now she finds herself in a new part of the country and with a new boyfriend. The world has handed her a second wind.

I find myself in the position I have always dreamed of. Lori and I are to be married and our book is completed.

People say to me– Nick! The book will be a huge success and seems to be a great premise for a movie.”

I smile and thank them for their kind words. I leave things in the hands of fate. It is I who lives in the hand of God. It is I is marrying the love of my life.

Lori and I have taken the path and now we will see– tomorrow, as all tomorrows, is a brand new day.

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  1. Again Nick this blog is a hit. You are on target again. This is a good one. Keep them coming.