Paul L. Thompson - Western Author
G. Michael Vasey- Author
Outlaws Publishing LLC
Alex Cord- Hollywood Movie Star & Author
Dusty Saddle Publishing
Cliff Roberts- Author
Boyd Lemon- Author
Cherokee Parks - Western Author
M. Allen - Western Author
Frank F. Fiore- Author
Terry Irving- Emmy-winning news producer & Author
Dr. David Watts- Author
The Railroad Artifact Preservation Society
J.C. Hulsey- Author
C. Wayne Winkle - Western Author
Fred Staff - Western Author
Mike Trahan- Author
Jana Petken- Author
Michael Haden- Author
Weldon R. Shaw - Author
G.P. Hutchinson- Western Author
Bill Vlach - Author
E.C. Herbert - Western Author
Bruce Bennett- Western Author
Clint Clay - Western Author
Karlene Price- Author
John D. Fie, Jr.- Western Author
Rebecca McLendon - Author
W.M. Montague- Western Author
Paul Provo- Narrator and Western Author
Mike Hundley - Western Author
Mark Baugher - Western Author & Screenwriter
Fred Goldberg - Ex AdMan Madman
Orin Vaughn - Western Author

Paul L. Thompson has the distinction of having had 17 Westerns in the top 100 bestsellers all at the same time. When Paul isn't writing bestselling westerns... he's out on the trail playing cowboy.



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