From Harvey Wood: The Story Of Jim Cassidy: Four Complete Western Novels

Four great Western adventures from one of the leading Western authors in America! Ride along with outlaws, bandits and bounty hunters— and watch them all learn right from wrong… the hard way!

Last night I dreamed I went to Hillbilly Heaven. And you know who greeted me at the gate? The ole cowboy-philosopher himself, Will Rogers. He said to me, he said “Harvey, the Big Boss of the riders up here has asked me to kinda show you around. Now, over yonder are a couple of your ole compadres but don’t forget to check the library. You’ll find great tales of our times in that library…”

I visited the library and found myself reading some of the great tales from those golden cowboys and when I woke up I was sorry I did because I wanted to stay there forever reading those stories. To sooth my aching bones I sat down and tried to remember those words and here are the result—four stories that I hope you will all enjoy.

Ride along with three of my best Western tales “The Claim Robbers,” “Trouble At The Lazy J Ranch,” “Ruthless Rustlers” and “Vengeance And Destiny.” Grab your copy today!