Number One Western Bestseller Gary Church Shares His Thoughts On Book Promotion

It was a pleasure this morning to wake up to this lovely note from number one bestselling Western author Gary Church. It truly is an honor when your work has hit home—and you receive a compliment from one of the number one bestselling Western authors in America today.

“When you think of Nick Wale, think results. His tireless efforts supporting and promoting my writing have had an enormous impact on the successful sales of my books. Known in-house as ‘the man who never sleeps,’ Nick is always leading from the front as he sets up book launches, gets the word out, builds support and helps ensure a great opening. He is quick to respond and listens carefully to questions and requests. I highly recommend him if you are looking for someone to assist you in promoting your work.”

Thank you, Gary for this wonderful note. It’s truly a pleasure to promote books such as your bestselling “Johnny Church” series.

The number one bestseller from Gary Church.