A Bright, Shining And New Opportunity To Sell Western Books In 2019

A brand new year—and a brand new chance to see how Westerns will evolve. It’s always a pleasure for me to start a new year. I don’t know what happens, but I get excited all over again. It’s like that feeling of Christmas, but it doesn’t go away. It never fades, because every day is an opportunity to bring new books to a readership that truly cares.

What will happen in 2019? Well, to start with, there are a lot of new adventures coming to you—the reader. Adventures from names such as Robert Hanlon, Scott Harris, Douglas R. Cobb, C. Wayne Winkle, Paul L. Thompson. David Watts, Dave Sebeslav, and the rest. There are also new books coming from authors you probably won’t have heard of before. More on that later. A new box set from Clint Clay, a brand-new set of Western classics, something new and exciting from Fred Staff—heck, I can go on and on!

The trend. Each year around this time I start to wonder about the trend of the year. Last year’s trends may not, necessarily, be the trend of this year. For example, will the new golden sky covers take off and become major hits? It seems to be doing the trick for Paul L. Thompson’s latest novel. Will it work for Charles Ray and his brand new series?

I think it’s interesting that folks get all depressed around this time of year. “A new year for me to deal with,” they say. “I don’t know how I’ll do it.”

Well, they will—they better get used to this 2019 because it’s not going anywhere for several months yet and there’s readers out there waiting for new books to read.

But what if you didn’t see any success in 2018? Hard to believe, isn’t it? That you didn’t see any success during the most successful Western sales year for a long time. Don’t worry—2019 is your opportunity! It’s a level playing field right now. Last year’s successes have to prove themselves all over again, and you—yes, you!—You should be ready to get your book in front of readers to claim your rightful place. Get that book ready and roll, roll, roll with it.

Now let’s roll! There’s a lot of new books to come out, as those readers are getting restless! As usual, if you’d like to get in touch, or ask questions about your Western and how to make it move, just drop me a line through the form below. I’m always happy to hear from folks!