NEW RELEASE: The Legend of Sam Tally: A Western Adventure From Jim Burnett!

This is the exciting next installment in the “Callers Spring Ranch Western series.” Jim Burnett offers up a Western salute to those men of the cloth who spread the good word.

Several years ago, I visited The Cove in Ashville, North Carolina, the Christian Conference Center owned and operated by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and the only thing more breathtaking than the pristine campus was the reality that God used one man to preach to 215 million people in 185 different countries. The memorabilia of past crusades on six different continents told a story of its own. The masses of people who were touched through the ministry of Billy Graham made me weep. It also caused me to recommit myself to living for God’s glory. This experience started me on a journey that culminated in the writing of “The Legend of Sam Tally.” With the recent passing of Reverend Graham, this book is a fitting way to celebrate his accomplishments for the Kingdom of God.

The Legend of Sam Tally is a western tribute to a spiritual giant, a hero of the Christian faith, and a man whose soul burned with the desire to see other souls come to faith and freedom in Jesus Christ. You will see so many familiar characteristics in Sam’s life and ministry that you have seen in Billy Graham’s, with several exceptions of course.

Follow the knife-throwing preacher, Tally, to the cow towns and boomtowns of the west where he confronts the atrocities of his day with the good news. Experience the powerful, life-changing Gospel take effect in the lives of people like Scar-faced Shayla, a saloon girl whose disfigured face and wounded spirit led her to believe her life was hopeless and would never be any better than it was.

When you have finished reading this book, I hope you will be more resolved than ever to live for God’s glory and His pleasure, as Sam Tally and Billy Graham were. Let your light shine. Purchase your copy by clicking here.