Why Now, Now, NOW! Is The Right Time To Believe In Your Western Novel

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What a tremendous year so far! With great success seemingly around every bend in the road, there’s a great feeling of optimism in the Western book business. A whole genre that was pronounced dead a few years ago—a genre that has currently found itself in a state of rebirth with brand new books, brand new movies, brand new ideas—heck, a brand new lease of life. That life has allowed readers around the world to discover the wonder and awe of the history of the United States of America.

Take an author like Cherokee Parks. Cherokee, one of the finest Western writers of today, has been having one helluva year. With millions of pages of his Westerns read, he has been at the forefront of this rebirth. Authors like Robert Hanlon, GP Hutchinson, Randall Dale, David Watts, Mike Hundley, Paul L. Thompson, Scott Harris, C. Wayne Winkle, M. Allen, Mark Baugher, D.L. Bittick, and a shed load more have been leading this spearhead of achievement.

But what has made this rebirth possible?

Three things, friend. Three things.

The first has been the quality of books made available to the public by the talented writers, editors and cover designers of the Western genre.

The second has been the influence of brand new Western publishing houses that have revolutionized the way Westerns have been presented and promoted, reaching new readerships and allowing readers to be educated about the new releases heading onto, and currently dominating, the market.

The third essential ingredient has been the new and exciting way promotion has been developed to fit the genre. This includes the time-tested promotional techniques such as forewords and author association, but some new techniques such as super optimization and “creep and peep” promotion. The way Westerns are promoted today is both the best of the past and the very latest, tied together with string and called sales success. These traditional and futuristic promotional ideals have scored hit after hit for authors. But the authors need to write the stories readers want before any of this works.

So if you feel you have a Western readers will enjoy, and you’re willing to work for success—why don’t you get your book out there and give it a chance? I think you may be very surprised at the number of readers who will enjoy your book. Get that book out there, and I’ll look forward to seeing you on the bestseller charts! Take advantage of the new, exciting strides being taken within the genre and use them—use them to allow your book to be seen and read by the world!

Now, as always, if you have questions just contact me through the form below. Furthermore—I have a question for you. What’s your favorite book of all time? I’ve been trying to catch up on all the great novels out there and would love your suggestion. Feel free to get in touch—anytime!