New GP Hutchinson Western Novel Coming in Late August 2018!

(From the official GP Hutchinson Website)

Looking for a fresh new angle on stories of the Old West? I believe I’ve got just the thing for you, and it’s coming in late August 2018. My latest novel, Cimarron Jack’s Real Wild West, includes many familiar elements from classic-style Westerns–cattle drives, conflicts between lawmen and outlaws, range wars, etc. But I’ve taken these elements and approached them from a perspective rarely presented in Western novels.


Cimarron Jack Wheatley is just wrapping up a tremendously successful first tour with his very own highly acclaimed “Real Wild west Extravaganza” when his show is stricken by a rapid succession of oddly coincidental setbacks–injuries, formerly satisfied troupe members suddenly quitting, and then a catastrophic train wreck. It soon becomes apparent that someone intends to ruin the business that Jack has invested his entire life into–and end his life, as well. Now, everything that Cimarron jack is supposed to represent as a symbol of Wild west heroism in the show, he is called upon to actually be in the deadly reality of chasing down answers and outlaws.

Don’t Miss It

There’s plenty of rip-roaring Wild West action in this upcoming new novel. I’ve had you, the reader, in mind as I’ve written every page of it. The novel features engaging new Western characters and plenty of fictional drama, adventure, and romance set on an historically accurate stage.

Look for the book in paperback and eBook editions on Amazon in late August!