Snakes on the Trail With Hit Western Author W.M. Montague

wayne montagueW.M. Montague has become of the surprise hit-makers of 2016. His first book “Treason on the Trail” has been a constant seller for months now… his second has just started to sell. The second Montague novel will take readers on the trail with a lawman. It’s a novel you are going to love… it’s called “Snakes on the Trail.”

But what makes a writer like W.M. Montague tick? There’s a great deal of speculation about that question… Some believe he has an inbuilt ability to write great stories. Some feel that he is a great interpreter of stories. Some feel that he’s just damn entertaining… Why don’t you make up your own mind… Let’s talk to Monty…


Why was it important for you to write? What drove that ambition?

It keeps me sane (sorta).  A number of things. 1. No longer able to work a “job,” boredom, and a hefty push by friends to “finish the damn thing.”

How closely do you try to keep to historical fact?

Depends on what I’m writing about.

What were the most influential movies on your writing?

The old classics of the thirties, forties, and fifties.

What first got you interested in the written word?

Not really sure. Maybe another outlet for my imaginative mind?

Would you ever write a book about the Alamo or other historical events?


Do you believe in good and bad? Is that a concept that all who write books should keep in mind?

Is life really so black and white as that? I mean, there is good in all humans, just as there is bad in us, as well. Good people do bad things, and a bad person can do good things.

If you could go back to any time period—where would you go?

That’s an interesting thought. A lot of folks wish for “the good old days,” but that’s a relative statement depending on when their “good old days” were. For me, I think that maybe either around the turn of the twentieth century, the mid to late thirties, or even the late forties would be an extraordinary time.

Can you describe all of your books in one easy-to-read answer?

I would be inclined to say they are fictional adventures into my imagination.

What will your next book be about?

A fictional Western of a vigilante Indian-raised preacher with a Bible and a six gun who’s not afraid to use either.

Do you think it’s important to have a large publisher as an author?

Not necessarily. Big publishers and such companies tend to overlook truly great works because they seem to be more interested in making the “quick buck” rather than actually taking the time to find out if the author’s work will have a following of loyal reader fans.

Are you ever surprised by how many readers there are, still, in the world?

Not really. Folks will always want to read. Their tastes may change, but people want to be entertained, and it’s a way to let their minds escape for a while.

Is there any kind of book you wouldn’t write, or couldn’t write?

Tech manuals

Do you think writers read more books than the average reader—or is that just a myth?

Not sure. I, myself, don’t read much—very little as a matter of fact. Occasionally, I will pick up a book and read it, but it has to hold me or I tire of it quickly.

How have reviewers treated your books?

Surprisingly well, considering I’m the “new kid on the block,” so to speak. For that, I want to thank everyone for such glowing statements.

And your luxury item to take to a secluded island is….?

My submersible yacht.

You can check out “Snakes on the Trail” today by visiting Amazon. This is one Western you won’t want to miss!

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