“Write In Recollection and Amazement For Yourself.” Terry Irving Channels Jack Kerouac

You recall a story from a happy past, but the story is brighter now than you remember it…

The words sound richer, stronger… More exciting…

The writer is Terry Irving. The story is his own.

Out of the post war period came some of the greatest journalists of all time. That statement has been made more than once by the historians and chroniclers of the period, and the proof is present for all to see and read. All served their apprenticeships in what has been acknowledged as the finest of training grounds– the media world of the last fifty years. The stories, the glitz, the glamour and the failure. Terry Irving, Emmy-winning ABC news producer, writer and published author can tell you all about it.

Full Circle was the first installment of his new biographical series of books. Now, let’s take a journey On The Road

His career has spanned world events from The Berlin Wall to the Indonesian Tsunami; he has worked with everyone from Ted Koppel to Don Imus, and he knows the truth behind the television images and the sadness and depression that often underlies the cheerful facades of journalists, politicians, and celebrities.

“On the Road” continues on from “Full Circle.” Learn about  the many jobs Irving worked to reach the top of his profession, the adventures found in thousands of miles of hitchhiking across the North American continent.

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