Drive and Ambition

I want to change the world someday, but I need to change my life right now.

In the world we live in there are so many opportunities. The internet offers contacts and friends without you ever having to leave your house. The world is at your fingertips– you can find anything, buy anything and sell anything; you can be a mogul, a power unto yourself, you can be the most successful business person or the most listened to self help guru.

I know a man who has been involved in the political happenings of late. He fought for his Presidential candidate with vigour, he won fans, and together with his chosen party achieved many, many objectives successfully. The man I speak of has utilised the internet, social skills and his humility to win the votes of many a fine person. WE can all learn from this driven man!

Drive, ambition, and the power to fight for your dreams are your tools. You can do so much, make so many changes. You are a talented individual.

How many times have you dreamt of a life different to the one you lead? Why have you stalled? Why are you not in the White House?

I can guarantee that you have all the talents of any President! You just haven’t used them yet, or discovered them perhaps? You haven’t felt the need! Take them out of the closet and start to shake the cobwebs off!

What do YOU really want from life?

Plan, enact and achieve and you will be a success, even if you fail. You succeed, strive and meet the world face to face, blow for blow, the world belongs to you!

I dreamt of a world where there were no failures, I cried because the people knew so very little.

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  1. Great— encourage all to follow!!!
    Drive and ambition can get you anywhere….