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EXCLUSIVE: The First Time… Nick Wale Introduces The Novel Ideas E-zine

      We are currently undergoing a revolution in the book world. We the People are the ones who have to decide where this revolution is going to go. We the People are the drivers of the car, and the car is the publishing industry. The publishing world would have you believe that there …

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Thank You For Your Submission: Satalyte Publishing

How many times have you submitted your manuscript to a publisher and never heard back? I hear all kinds of horror stories about publishers who want payment upfront, publishers who want you to pay for editing, promotion and publishers who just don’t seem to know the way the game works. However, the light at the …

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SMD Proofing & Editing Services – Nick Wale Introduces Siobhan Day

SMD Proofing & Editing Services – Ms Siobhan Day So how did you become a proofreader? I studied a degree in English, originally with a view to teaching. I’ve always found proofreading quite exciting and I get a real satisfaction from spotting those spelling, grammar and punctuation errors that others sometimes miss. Having spent years …

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