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Recklessly Yours by Yveta Germano

Recklessly Yours

by Yveta Germano

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“Recklessly Yours”

Diary of a French Girl: Book 1

Wicked, wild, sexy, original, and funny! A story of a French girl losing her virginity to a Special Operations American soldier who’s hot as hell, crazy as sin, and wild as the devil himself.

Giselle’s life in France was uncomplicated until her American father, whom she always wanted to meet but never did, died. Now Giselle is coming to the United States to meet her flamboyant grandmother. Growing up in France, America was what Giselle and her friends saw in the movies. Experiencing it first hand, however, is a whole new reality.

As a beautiful 18-year-old girl with a killer body and a French accent, Giselle not only gets a lot of attention from the male seniors in her new high school, but also a large dose of jealousy and intrigue from her female peers. Still, Giselle wants to give her new life in America a chance, but as soon as she thinks her life cannot get any more complicated, she finds herself hooked on Hunter, a 25-year-old former Navy SEAL. Hunter takes Giselle on a wild roller coaster ride as he shows her a face of love that is raw, exciting, carnal, and all-consuming. Giselle’s American love story is anything but normal, but so is her new family, insanely crazy best friend at school, and her new life.

I backed off as soon as I saw his flashing eyes. Those weren’t the mesmerizing blue eyes I could get lost in before. These were the eyes of a man so angry, he could kill me just by looking at me.

“I told myself a hundred times I would never touch you. But you’re so fucked up in the head, you leave me no option.” His voice was hoarse and furious, it was the only thing I could concentrate on.
He threw me over his shoulder, and before I could protest and call him another name, he took me to my bedroom, shut the door and pinned me against it. He quickly pulled both of my arms behind my back and kept me immobilized with his one hand. I was still angry and I jerked my head from side to side. He clasped my face with his other hand and pressed my cheeks in, mangling my lips outward. He was still fuming and was about to say something but stopped himself when I let out a faint cry. He let go of my face and breathed out a few times.
“You want me to stop?” He whispered and, for a short moment, I thought I should say ‘yes’. I shook my head ‘no’ instead.


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