Six Of The Greatest Western Forces Combine To Write “Hunt Of The Mountain Man”

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As November becomes a swingin’ new month, we thought you would be interested to hear about one of our special releases. A brand new full-length collection of Mountain Man adventures from six of the finest selling authors in our genre. C. Wayne Winkle, GP Hutchinson, Charles Ray, Peter Alan Turner, William H. Joiner, Jr. and David Watts have combined their time, talent and readerships to present this collection that will surely please readers around the world.

Soon to be available as a paperback and hardback, this attractive new collection has already been released on Kindle. If you enjoy Mountain Man adventures written by the finest of today, you’ll want to grab this keenly awaited collection.

What’s This One About?

Mountain man. The very term evokes images of larger-than-life characters who followed in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark, blazing lonely trails through the unexplored wilderness of the great American West—courageous, resourceful, buckskin-clad pathfinders, hunters, trappers, and traders who lived off the land and made friends with Native Americans, French-Canadian Métis, Mexican settlers, and fellow Americans alike. They faced and often overcame the perils of the unforgiving Mountain West, including its vast distances, daunting high country, and dangerous wildlife. Lingering into the eras of the Oregon Trail, the Civil War, Indian Wars, and even into the early twentieth century, mountain men served as scouts, guides, ambassadors, traders, wildlife managers, and custodians of America’s first national parks.

Gripping tales of the daring exploits of mountain men abound from their own day, and new yarns remain to be spun.

In Hunt of the Mountain Man, the reader is in for a real treat. Six bestselling Western authors have collaborated to bring you six riveting new fictional accounts of the legendary men of the mountains. Each author has placed a character from his own Western series in a brand new captivating story that features the men of America’s untamed high country and their heart-stopping adventures and trials.

Visit the high country of America’s great nineteenth century heroes today. Grab your copy of Hunt of The Mountain Man, and settle in for hours of top-quality entertainment and reading pleasure.

Where Can I Grab A Copy?

“Hunt Of The Mountain Man” is now available on Amazon.