Brand New From Peter A. Turner! “Willie McGee: Mountain Man: The Mountain Man And The Great Western” Is Now Available!

Brand new frontier action-adventure from Peter Alan Turner as Willie McGee casts his mind back and relives the day when he was Willie McGee: Mountain Man! By mixing fact and fiction with a real Western Hero in an action-packed, new Mountain Man Adventure, writer Peter Alan Turner has created a modern classic.

Sara Bowman, ‘The Great Western’ the real-life heroine of the Mexican American War, is in big trouble. When you are over six-foot, with flaming red hair and a temper to match, any problem Sara can’t shoot or punch her way out of is big. Mountain Man Willie McGee receives Sara’s urgent request for help and rushes to El Paso. McGee arrives to find Sara and the good citizens of El Paso up against Sergio Rivàs, a ruthless outlaw and an English Dandy named Sterling Ashton.

Determined to bring law and order to ‘Hell’ Paso, Willie and Sara team up to end the reign of terror and save her Hotel American. The citizens hope they can avoid bloodshed, but as Sara warns them, “It always comes down to the gun!”

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