“Abilene” From Scott Harris Breaks Into The Top One Hundred Causing One Of Those Sales Avalanches!

A brand new boom for Scott Harris has started with “Abilene” now inside the top one hundred, “Deadly Trails” in and out of the top one hundred and a host of other Harris happy hour hits moving towards the top one hundred. This avalanche shows just how important those constant releases are to keeping the sales ship steadily heading towards the shore of success.

But what is “Abilene” about?

Abilene opens with Brock and his group in a huge fistfight in Denver and Huck and those traveling with him fighting off the murderous cattle rustlers of the Triple J. The excitement and danger only grow from there.

When Brock and his finally leave Denver, heading for their new life in Montana, they are attacked by two separate outlaw bands, as well as by a half dozen angry Kiowa warriors. Tragedy strikes right away when two members of their group are gunned down. One lives. One doesn’t, and Brock has to deal with the pain of feeling he’s caused the death one of his long-time friends.

Huck is doing what he can in Abilene to make sure they can leave town safely, with new cowboys and two thousand head of cattle, but the men of the Triple J have other ideas and are only too happy to kill to get what they want.

Alex and Dario are learning how different life is on the trail than it was in their previous life, and Tom wrestles with having killed his first man—was it self-defense or murder?

Montana, the dream for all of them, is starting to seem very far away, and we follow both Brock and Huck to see if they can lead those traveling with them to safety and a new life.