His Cup Runneth Over With Sales Success: The Strategy Behind C. Wayne Winkle Taking Over The Bestseller Chart

Lately, I’ve been asked a lot about the strategy behind the selling of so many C. Wayne Winkle Western novels. Now, Mister Winkle has always been an incredibly popular Western author. His cup has runneth over with success, but recently he has moved into a new stratosphere, a universe that has enabled him to take five of the top ten bestselling positions on the Western bestseller chart. When he decided to follow the DS sales formula, he made it a central point of his writing career.

Writing fast, writing well and writing especially with the Western audience in mind lie at the heart of his Western hitmaking experience, and these elements mix with the kind of advertising used to create a supernova of sales. You see, the formula was developed to enable this new level of success for Westerns, and Western authors combine this with “Westernization,” the policy of writing Westerns for Western readers—not writing Westerns to try to appeal to the fringe markets so many authors and publishers are desperately seeking—so you can create a long-lasting spray of hits that will cover the walls of the top one hundred.

Yes, the formula demands that authors write for the Western market first, second and third, because those are the readers who want the books we have to offer, and those who follow the formula can reap the bounty.

But commitment is the most important thing. Any Western author looking to create this level of success has to ask themselves this…

Can you see how the formula would help sell your Western stories to readers?
Are you interested in selling Westerns?
Do you think you ought to start selling Westerns?

If you answer those questions and you are facing YES answers—maybe it’s time for you to consider trying the formula. Do you think you’d like to try the formula?

How do these questions look when you answer them? Remember this, friend, it takes a lot longer to build a school than it does to build a wood hut—but the right blueprint can save you a lot of time. Heck, if you want to discuss the formula, you can send me a note through the form below. I always like hearing from the next Western bestseller.