A Bright, Shining Duo Return With One Explosive Western Adventure…

Events in the Western book business come along at a fast pace… but this new release from Cherokee Parks and Casey Nash must rate as one of the events of the year so far. Two tremendous bestsellers, writing together with two characters from two separate successful series, put together to fight together in one brand new Western adventure.

You may want to grab a copy of this one. I believe these super-group co-writes will be one of the hallmarks of Western success of tomorrow.

Two Stars Are Better Than One

Surviving life on the Texas frontier was already hard for farmers, merchants, and ranchers doing their best to scratch out a living for their families and stay six feet above ground at the same time. Drought, sickness, and blizzards made it difficult enough. Add to the mix hardened criminals dead set on stealing, killing, and staining the ground with blood everywhere they rode, and you begin to get a real picture of the Old West.

In Two Stars Are Better Than One, two Texas lawmen, Sheriff Matthew Kincaid of Sherwood and U. S. Marshal Jubal Stone of Waco, along with a slew of other officers, join forces to end a rustling ring that’s decimating many ranchers across their state.

This is an action-packed, fast-moving story that’s got more twists and turns than the railroad tracks laid across the Texas frontier. It is sure to grab your attention from page one to the finish. Watch as Matthew Kincaid and Jubal Stone partner together to bring the rustlers to heel and their rustling to a halt.

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