The Formula Strikes Again With The Latest C. Wayne Winkle Winner Inside The Top One Hundred!

When the DSP selling formula is at play, you can’t keep a great Western off the bestseller chart. Take “Gideon Parnell: Chase Across New Mexico” for example, from C. Wayne Winkle. This new release is currently flying off the shelves, and in two days the novel has hit the jackpot. It won’t be long before this one figures inside the top ten, and from there it could very, very well be his latest number one in a long line of number one bestsellers. Congratulations, Wayne!

Looking for more wanted men to capture, Gideon, Tallie, and Joshua travel to New Mexico. In Albuquerque, they set on the trail of Boyce Hudson, a murderer and horse thief. When they catch up to him, they find out his Daddy wants him back and not in jail.

Bribery, attempts at murdering Gideon, and beating Tallie follow. All at the senior Hudson’s orders. This latter sends Gideon on the way to tell Hudson’s father where he went wrong.

Along the way, Joshua gets so angry at Gideon that he leaves him and says he no longer is his half-brother.

Can Gideon deal with the army of gun hands the senior Hudson keeps around him? Or will the bad guys win this time?

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