“Jack Flint: Mountain Man” Places All Four Novels Inside The Western Top 100 For William H. Joiner, Jr!

That energetic, enigmatic William H. Joiner, Jr. has driven, at great speed, all four books in his “Jack Flint: Mountain Man” into the top one hundred chart. His supercharged series is leading the way and proving that the Mountain Man boom is speeding up! The success of this series has been spearheaded by new promotional techniques that are currently being trialled on other authors to see if the Joiner strategy can be spread across the Western genre to create more blockbuster bestselling authors than ever before.

The first book in the “Jack Flint: Mountain Man” series sits at number four.

In the series, Jack’s parents were killed in an Apache raid when he was an infant. Jack was raised as an Apache until his village was destroyed by a rival tribe. Jack was prepared to go to war to avenge his Apache kin. An appearance by the Great Spirit convinced him to take another path. Jack went west and met mountain man and trapper Kit Bridger, who became his best friend. Eventually Jack became chief of the Shoshone in the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming.

Jack defended the weak and oppressed. He cared nothing about the white man’s law. All that mattered to Jack was the justice that could only be found in the mountains.

The second book in the series stands at number nineteen.
The third book stands at number twenty-five.
And still on pre-order the fourth book in the series stands at number eighty-three