Brand New And Now Available From C. Wayne Winkle: “Where The Sky Never Ends”

A brand new adventure from C. Wayne Winkle!

Charlotte (Charley) Kelley had no wish to stay in South Carolina after her fiancé stood her up at the altar. So she got a job in Bozeman, Montana Territory, as a newspaper reporter and traveled there. She had no idea she would see as much violence as she did nor did she know she’d meet a man like Morgan Truett.

Morgan only wanted to be left alone to run his small ranch. But people being what they are, many wouldn’t let him live down his past. Even so, he did well, until Graham Richards, the man who framed him and stole his first ranch, showed up.

Can Morgan keep his ranch? Can Charley adjust to the violence in the West? Will the two of them find each other?

Who can say in the country where the sky never ends?