Brand New Bounty Hunter Action From Chris Smith!

Have You Discovered Steve Savage: Bounty Hunter: The Beginning Of A Bounty Hunter?

Steve Savage is forced into action to protect the innocent and bring law and order to the Old West. Ride with Savage as he cleans the gutter and brings justice to those who need it desperately.

All Steve Savage wanted was to work his ranch and raise his family in peace, but a gang of rustlers had other ideas. They stole his herd and shot one of his men, leaving him for dead. The gang of outlaws didn’t know what they were unleashing when they stole from a Savage. The sheriff tried to do things his way, but Steve was having none of it. He swore to teach them a lesson they’d never forget.

Together with his cousins, Ty and Tucker Savage, Steve sets out to find the herd and bring the killers to justice… dead or alive. His actions have unexpected consequences, though. Consequences that will change his life forever.

Grab your copy today and learn how a legend of the West was forged in this exciting first book of the Steve Savage: Bounty Hunter series by Chris Smith.