Lateral Thinking: Your Way to Success with Western Novels!

Over the last few months, I have been writing these blog articles to encourage you—the daring writer—to take a chance on the promotion of your book(s) and try to find some new ways to sell that novel currently wasting away on those sales platforms. It occurred to me that book promotion of any kind is just a simple case of lateral thinking, and I wanted to share three of the ways I come up with successful strategies to sell the books I work on. These strategies can be applied to any genre, and any problem—and you may already be using them—but if you aren’t, buckle up. You are in for a great surprise.


For a really great way to sit back and dwell on a problem, it may be worthwhile for you to record and play back the elements that make up your problem, and the conclusion you would like to have. This has worked for me many times. Usually, some detail appears that I have never considered before, or some new idea comes to mind to sell the product. For example, it was this technique that allowed me to engineer the strategy behind the three Gene Turney Westerns currently sitting inside the top one hundred on Amazon. One small detail I’d overlooked, once fixed, turned his books into a massive win on the bestseller chart.

Mapping Your Mind

A visual aid can always come in handy. Once a map of your problem has been drawn, you can plan a journey towards success. The elements that make for a successful book are sitting in front of you—drawn, even. Now you can individually see each moving part of the strategy and you can start looking at suitable solutions, drawing a path to allow you to flourish. I would highly recommend giving this a try. Many of the best Western sellers were strategized using this technique.

Reverse Thinking

Sometimes we find ourselves so involved with the problem, we actually find ourselves lost. I like to throw myself into visualizing the end result. Keeping both the problem and desired end result in mind, I like to work backwards from the desired result, toward the problem. This isn’t always perfect, but by looking at what the authors who don’t sell are doing—you’ll know what you don’t want, and this will eradicate many ideas in one fell swoop.

Try these three techniques and see if they can help you break through the deadlock. Now, if you have any questions or ideas you would like to discuss, my door is always open. Like a hawk, I’m always around plotting the next promotional step, watching the bestseller chart, tweaking ads and putting together new ideas. Just send me a note and let’s brainstorm together. Either way, the opportunity to succeed is yours.

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