Brand New, Action-Packed, Texan And Coming Soon From Peter A. Turner!

A brand new action-packed, vengeance-filled new adventure from Peter Turner as he introduces us to a man who brings justice by peaceable actions or by force—and if it’s force, you better watch out. This is Texas Ranger: Chet Henderson in his first adventure!

It is 1891, and the United States census department just announced that the western frontier is officially closed. Chet Henderson is a legend, one of the old breed and the oldest Texas Ranger still in the saddle. His superiors want Chet to take a desk job in Austin. His girlfriend is tired of patching up his wounds every time he comes back from one of his manhunts. Chet knows time is catching up with him and sooner or later he will have to come to grips with the fact that he is no longer a young man. Chet is investigating the theft of weapons from the San Antonio Arsenal. Chet believes that a corrupt Texas state senator, ‘Fighting’ Jim Roberts, was behind the theft. For several days, he has been tracking a two-bit outlaw, “Three Fingers” Frank Everett, who Chet suspects is also involved in the theft. He’s on a bluff overlooking the town of Van Horn and reading about the census’ announcement when he is shot in the head. Somehow, Chet must recover from his wound, bring “Three Fingers” to justice and expose a corrupt state senator, all while staying one step ahead of the senator’s hired guns and father time.

Grab your copy of this tremendous new Texas Ranger adventure today and ride with Chet Henderson as he fights for law and order with a passion!