January 2021 archive

Three Westerns Selling In The Top Fifty Show The Formula Fights For Fred Staff!

When the formula for success was first rolled out last year, one of the first people who wanted to try it was Fred Staff. Fred, who had been successful before, wanted that success again. His drive was immense and once he learned about the formula, he threw himself into it. With Fred, we knew the …

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Lateral Thinking: Your Way to Success with Western Novels!

Over the last few months, I have been writing these blog articles to encourage you—the daring writer—to take a chance on the promotion of your book(s) and try to find some new ways to sell that novel currently wasting away on those sales platforms. It occurred to me that book promotion of any kind is …

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Gratitude And Blessings From A Western Author Who Follows The Formula And Has Found Success!

When we put the new Western selling formula into action, none of us, not even myself, realized the success we would see from the seeds we planted several months ago. This morning I received an email from an author, one who recently embraced the formula, and one who until recently had been struggling with gaining …

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Brand New, Action-Packed, Texan And Coming Soon From Peter A. Turner!

A brand new action-packed, vengeance-filled new adventure from Peter Turner as he introduces us to a man who brings justice by peaceable actions or by force—and if it’s force, you better watch out. This is Texas Ranger: Chet Henderson in his first adventure! It is 1891, and the United States census department just announced that …

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Trouble Times Two, A Texas Ranger Luke Caldwell Novel Coming Soon From James Griffin!

The second novel in a brand new action-packed adventure series from James Griffin! You’ll be riding with one of the most exciting Western characters of today—as he fights to stay alive! Keep your eyes peeled for more details!

Change Your Attitude, Reach Your Western Sales Goal!

From the earliest days of selling Western novels online, we know that every author has been struggling with one powerful problem. How do I make my book sell? How do I get my Western seen by a reader? Thousands of readers? Where are those readers? Did all my readers die? Is the Western dead? After …

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