“Preacher and the Bounty Hunter: A Western Novel” Strikes For Grady Bryant!

A brand new Western adventure from acclaimed author Grady Bryant. This is rip-roaring action and adventure as bounty hunter Chico Hadley teams up with a preacher to fight crime and bring justice to the Old West.

When Chico Hadley teams up with a Padre to find the lost treasure of a famous outlaw who is believed to be dead, it’s discovered that the outlaw is still alive in a Mexican prison and must be broken out in order to find the exact location of the treasure, which is believed to be in the brutal Jornada del Muerto. The bounty hunter and the Padre ride through the Mexican badlands to reach the notorious prison called The Castle of San Carlos, or the Perote Prison, and plan an escape for the outlaw who will hopefully lead them to the treasure.

Grab your copy today and enjoy a Western like no other from a writer who truly knows how to keep readers on the edge of their seats. Grab your copy today!