Thompson, Joiner, Fie, Winkle, Harris And Parks Lead The Way With Bestsellers Through January 2020

The slowest sales month of the year kicked off with a bang for Western authors, with a series of hit novels from some of the genre’s greatest exponents.

Leading the way, Paul L. Thompson scooped up the number one position with his “You Shot Me Once! – Never Again!” smash—the seventy-ninth book in his long-running series about a marshal called Shorty Thompson.

Cherokee Parks hit hard for DS Productions with his first new release of the year. “The Trader” moved over a million pages with a chart high of number three. This exciting Mountain Man adventure will continue with a new book in the series scheduled for February release.

Those readers can’t get enough of William H. Joiner with fourteen of his titles placed inside the top one hundred at once. His catalogue represents some of the strongest Western sales of 2019—and now 2020. “The Legend of Jake Jackson,” “Caleb Jacobs” and “Angel Jacobs” all placed highly, making Joiner one of the true winners of January 2020.

Scott Harris—he of the heavy sales history—scored with his latest smash, “Renegades,” which is the seventh book in his popular “Brock Clemons Westerns” series. The other seven books also popped back up to say hello once again to the bestseller chart.

John D. Fie, Jr. scored with two of the popular books in his “Gunfighter” series. The first has been inside the top one hundred for several months now, and the second is just about to break through into the heavenly top one hundred. A brand new Fie smash is slated for February 2020.

C. Wayne Winkle shifted the units during January. His “Jake Ritter” release has been consistently in the top twenty since release—over a million pages of Winkle were moved in January. Is anything going to slow down one of the great sellers of today?

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