It’s A Beautiful Day In The Chart Neighbourhood: Twenty-Five Westerns In The Top Fifty

Sometimes it’s so incredible to see the way readers react to books. Did anyone think, four years ago, that brand new Western authors could dominate the bestseller chart? I’m not sure… but I think it’s fantastic that so much new talent has been developed, and is currently being enjoyed by so many people.

Twenty-five books in the top fifty come from authors I have been working with. Some are brand new authors who have new stories to tell… and some are old favorites.

Let us now take a look at them.


At number four we have “The Trader” from Cherokee Parks. This is the latest Parks in a long, long line of successes. What makes him so popular? Read the book and find out…

Paul L. Thompson stands at number seven with one of his latest “Shorty Thompson” successes as William H. Joiner, Jr. moves up to number eight with “The Legend of Jake Jackson.”

C. Wayne Winkle sits at number ten with “Lucas Poteet: Gold Fever.” This one has been on the charts for a long, long time now– and still keeps bringing in new readers.

“Branson Hawk – United States Marshal” moves up to number fourteen. Months later and this book is still making gains, and pleasing readers the world over.

Paul L. Thompson moves up to number sixteen with a golden oldie! This is “U.S Marshal Shorty Thomspon – Animas City.”

Ric Maddox moves in and sits at number seventeen with his “Malone Ranch Murders” smash as William H. Joiner, Jr. moves up to number eighteen with “Angel Jacobs.” Two spectacular western reads!

Scott Harris stands at number twenty-one with “Renegades” as C. Wayne Winkle leaps up number twenty with “Jake Ritter.”

One of the brand new hitmakers from Outlaws Publishing moves up the chart like a rocket. This is “Tyler Purdom – Silver Eagle” at number twenty-three for James Scott.

At number twenty-five we have “The Legend of Jake Jackson” from William H. Joiner followed closely by Randall Dale at number twenty-six with “The Pardner’s Trust Series.”

Two big William H. Joiner smash hits sit at number twenty-seven and number twenty-eight as Randall Dale moves “Wichita Connection” up to number twenty-nine. C. Wayne Winkle keeps those sales coming in with one of his latest “Searcher” smash hits at number thirty.

At number thirty-three William H. Joiner strikes with one of his latest “Caleb Jacobs” hits. Another of these great releases will be on the market soon.

“Timber” from Robert Hanlon moves up to number thirty seven. This is the latest book in his popular series– and one of the best he’s ever written, by all accounts.

Randall Dale rises to number thirty-nine with “Dead Man’s Gold” as Cherokee Parks sits at number forty with “No Town For Outlaws.”

“Angel Jacobs” moves up to number forty-five for William H. Joiner as Paul L. Thompson takes over the number forty-six position with “Mister I’ll See You Dead.”

At number forty-nine we have “The Legend of Jake Jackson” from William H. Joiner as Gary Church moves up to number fifty with “When Justice is Done.”