Could You Replicate The Million-Page Western Success Of Gene Turney? Why Don’t You Give It A Try!


One of the great successes of 2019 has been Gene Turney with his first release, “The Little Ranch In Texas.” Published by Outlaws Publishing, this Western was almost instantly a success with readers, but what caused the book to become so popular so quickly? What was it about “The Little Ranch in Texas” that made for such a big success?

Of course, the book is well written. Nobody can deny that it’s an entertaining story written by someone who understands how to tell a story—but a strategy came into play behind this book that I thought I’d share with you. A strategy you could use to propel your own Westerns to great success.



Knowing the strength of the product, we knew that we just had to educate readers about the existence of the book. This took advertising, and we targeted folks buying older similar product, Western box set collections, and some of those very popular “Texas” titles. These readers saw the new book and converged en masse on Amazon to purchase this new strong product from Gene Turney. Rising like a bullet, the book has already achieved a sales award from Outlaws Publishing, his publisher. It became hot because of that capability of educating readers about new product as they buy similar product from established authors.


Keywords came into play here also, as did categories. Using the right keywords and categories, we were able to position the book to make a seemingly impossible climb a fast ascent. This created a surge that supported our attempts at advertising.


Categories were very important from this new release from an unknown author. We started with a series of categories that raised awareness and then switched to categories that would help grow his audience. This created a first and second surge of sales for Mister Turney.


The result? A number one bestseller in many countries—and a straight, top ten smash in the United States. Gene Turney will now have a platform from which to sell his second book… but when will it arrive?

When promoting books, you’ve got to look at the whole picture. Western novels are powerful sellers, and by smartly making use of categories, keywords and advertising, we managed to really capitalize and energize his readership. By having quality product, we knew that readers would love the book. Maybe you can do the same thing with a little bit of timing, advertising, solid product and some muscle. I think you can! Drop a line below if you have any questions.