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Toby McElroy yelled out, “Mister Long, did you see our paint horses bein’ drove up this road?”
“No, we sure didn’t, but we’ve only been here minutes. Who’d be driving em?”
“Willis and Wilber Stoner an’ Andy Mathews. They shot Pa an’ took five hundred dollars what he was gonna pay off our loan with. Then they opened the corral an’ drove sixteen of our paint horses up this road.”
“Why’re you walking?”
“They shot ol’ Red an’ Brownie both, them’s the only horses we’ve got me an’ Dobie could ride.”
David asked, “You mean they just shot your horses?”
“Uh huh an’ Pa.”
“David, you get Misty on home, I’ll walk with the boys and check on Paul. I’ll be home after a bit.”