Have You Tried “The Little Ranch In Texas: A Western Adventure” From Gene Turney?

What’s this one about?

Charlie Taylor had no idea what he would find when he came to Texas. He did know that he wanted to learn to be a rancher. Charlie encounters the very crust of the earth when his horse makes the first stop in Live Oak Springs, Texas. It became obvious to everyone that Charlie was going to need a lot of help to become a rancher. Even the woman who melted his heart could shoot better than Charlie. But Charlie had some strong attributes and a good moral compass. People began to learn Charlie was as good as his word, and he had a mission in life to help people and things grow. Live Oak Springs, Texas begins to come to life when Charlie Taylor arrives in town.

What do reviewers say?

“When I heard that Gene Turney had written this book, I knew I had to read it because I have enjoyed so much his stories about growing up in the same part of Texas. I was not disappointed! It is a great read. There is some gunfire and romance so I guess it would be rated PG, but it is a good book for cowboy lovers of any age. Gene has done a good job of capturing the goodness of the people who inhabited this part of Texas in that time period and has woven it into an interesting and heart warming story about those people and their special affection for the land.”