It’s A 600,000 Page Read Month For Western Hitmaker William H. Joiner!


Tremendous to see that this will be the first 600,000 page read month for Western author William H. Joiner. With many books on the Western bestseller charts… it’s likely that he will surpass the million page mark in September.

Joiner says:

Other than summer jobs as a teenager, I have always been in business for myself. I have owned businesses that included: residential and commercial construction; brokering and trading commodities; owning and operating multiple insurance agencies; horse breeding, syndicating, training and racing; dog breeding and field trialing; owning and operating multiple gyms; owning and operating oil wells; brokering, researching title and consulting (regarding the buying and selling of oil and gas properties); as well as brokering and facilitating international fuel purchases.

I finally found my calling as an author. I draw on my life’s experiences for the inspiration for my books.

I have traveled extensively outside the continental United States including Switzerland, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Belize, Caribbean Islands, Alaska and Hawaii.


From the author of “The Legend of Jake Jackson” comes this new Western adventure—“Duels Under The Arizona Sun.” The Western adventure that takes a tough U.S. Marshal and pits him against some of the best, and brightest—but can he come out on top?

A lawless land. Outlaws, thieves, robbers, murderers run rampant. This is a frontier land in which a man must make a stand. He must live by the rule of decency. He must protect the innocent, uphold the law and serve the public. Sometimes the politicians make the laws fail, and he must make his own decisions about right and wrong. He must protect the innocent, stand up to the corrupt. This is Marshal Morgan Porter.

You’ll love this new Western from the man who has written so many Western hits– Grab your copy of this great new Western today! This is the sequel to “Duel Under The Arizona Sun.”