How Eight Western Novels In The Top Ten Bestsellers Proves That You Can Sell Your Western Too!

With eight Western novels in the top ten—all books I’ve promoted to that position—I can safely say once more the Western is alive and well. There’s absolutely no reason for the negativity of publishers who seem obsessed with the idea that the Western readership is dead. Randall Dale, Mike Mackessy, C. Wayne Winkle, Paul L. Thompson, Gary Church, and the rest have all proven that the Western readership is ready, willing and able to accept brand new Western stories from authors who have the ability to tell a story.

All it takes is sensible promotion. Not huge billboards, not ridiculous capers—just sensible promotional strategies that place a good product in front of a voracious readership.

Take, for example, Randall Dale. His new series—“Branson Hawk: U.S. Marshal” was released a little while ago and made fast gains. The first book in the series hit the top of the bestseller chart; the second book was released, and it climbed and hit the number two position—and then went over to hit number one on a different chart. Randall Dale was discovered by thousands of readers and achieved over one million pages read from the 1st July through to the 21st July, 2019. That is careful, considered promotion at work.

Mike Mackessy—a big seller for Outlaws Publishing—the first book in his series came out. “Down From The Mountain” reached the top five. The second, “Broken Dog Ranch,” came out and went to number one, dragging the first one back into the top three. A box set of his previous releases came out and cemented him with readers. Careful, considered promotion worked out for him too.

Wayne Winkle, a long time hitmaker, scored a big hit with the first book in his series—“The Searcher.” It climbed quickly and hit the top four—followed by the second book, and now the third. All three in the top ten together bringing those sales in—and once more careful, considered promotion was proven to be the correct strategy.

Paul L. Thompson—a man with a multitude of hits released— his latest U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson book (what many readers consider to be his finest novel) climbed quickly out of nowhere and currently, at time of writing, stands at number nine on the bestseller chart. Once again, that careful, considered promotion made his book a hit.

This post is all about the fact that positive promotion—careful, considered promotion—can make all the difference to your book. Keywords, placement, categories, covers, forewords, advertising and a great product all work together to make a book a success, and it can happen for anyone. Anyone who has a great story can have a successful Western. It’s a level playing field—you don’t need millions of dollars, you don’t need Madison Avenue, you just need to be creative and find ways to make your book visible so the readership can see it. Work your keywords, work your categories, work your covers, forewords, advertising and inter-author promotion. Work it, and lets see you in the top ten!

And a huge thank you to all those authors who are currently in the top ten… and CLIMBING towards the top ten! It’s your great writing that makes it possible for promotion to sell your books! As always… if you have any questions feel free to drop them in using the contact form below.