“Johnny Salina: The Seeker” Arrives From Hot New Western Author Gary Hinson!


Outlaws were widespread throughout the Oklahoma Territories. They took advantage of the Indian police since they could not arrest the White people. They done their plundering and hid in the Indian Territories. A horrifying occurrence sent Johnny, a half-Apache, on the rampage. He gained no bounty for the men he killed, but he had one last bounty to collect — The Wild Bunch were wanted for $5,000 per head.

Things were never the same for Johnny after the terrible incident. Once he found his remaining Cherokee friends in a good place, he and his new son rode off and never looked back.

With plenty of money in Johnny’s pocket, Johnny went to visit with old friends and to show his son some of the country he once roamed. They eventually make it to Santa Fe, NM.

They happen onto Johnny’s older son and they become a family as the boys continue their education. After a few years of Johnny getting fat and bored, he takes off to live with the last remaining wild Apaches —The Sierra Madre Apaches. Click here to get your copy for 99 cents!