How The Three C’s Helped Western Author Gary Church Hit The Number One Sales Position Around The World!


With May looking like one of the most exciting months so far for Western books, I keep getting asked, “How did Gary Church score so well with his three books?  What were the magic ingredients of his success? How does an author go from being unknown to being the number one bestseller in the United States, Canada, Australia and such? How does that happen?” How can you do it? That’s what you really want to know.

It’s all about the three C’s. You know, the thing we were talking about last year?

The first C is Consistency. This is something all authors have to practice. Consistency in book promotion is the only way a book will move. You can’t do one, or two, or three things. You have to consistently promote your book—you have to always be doing something. Always looking to get more attention for your book, always running little ads, or trying to get more reviews. You have to be consistent on your journey towards success.

The second C is Commitment. We all have commitments in our lives, and those commitments sometimes seem like a problem. But in reality, a commitment is just achievement in process. As an author, you have to commit to your book and commit to its success. If you don’t commit to your book, you won’t be able to be consistent (the first C), and you will find it harder to be successful. Commitment gives you the grit needed to get the job done. I ask all my clients to be committed to the promotion of their book. I ask them to answer interviewers, to write blog articles, to be involved—because unless you love your own baby, how can you expect anyone else to?

The third C is a very special one. One that a very, very talented author mentioned to me. This C stands for “cool,” and it’s true—you have to be cool to be successful. You have to keep a level head and not become depressed when your book isn’t discovered on day one. You have to be cool when you are interviewed, and cool when you are reading a bad review. You have to keep cool, and… be committed… and be consistent.

So if you’re looking for success with your books, you have to try the three ‘C’s’ before you can do anything else. Be consistent, be committed, and be cool, calm and collected. Do not panic, no not worry, just stay committed and consistent. Before long, you may be the next Gary Church, moving thousands of copies of your book each month and hitting the top of the bestseller chart.

Now, on another note, and I hate to be a bore, but I am running short of reading material. If you have a book that you think I’d enjoy, drop a line and let me know about it. I’d love to discover something new. You can contact me through the form below. Three ‘C’s are waiting for you. Now, get to work!