Spring Has Arrived! Isn’t It Time For You To Get Your Western Novel Selling?


In the past—this past January, I was thinking about the day Spring would arrive. What would I like to see from the beginning of Spring? “I’d like a bunch of bestselling Western novels on the sales charts,” I said to myself. “A bunch of big, hit books for readers to enjoy. This would be the perfect way to bring in Spring.”

So, we all got to work. Writers wrote the books, editors edited the books, and we promoted the books. As of this blog article, those hits are springing up all over like flowers in the warming sun. We have Gary Church with “Fate Rides A Tall Horse” and “Trouble on the Shawnee Trail.” We have Mike Hundley with “Gunsight Justice” and “Guns Along The Lost Canyon.” We have Robert Hanlon with his latest “Timber” smash. We have two, three, four, five new hit releases from Scott Harris, a new “C-Bar” from Mark Baugher, four brand new smashes from GP Hutchinson—“Cimarron’s Law” is his big Western hit of the moment. We have new books from Paul L. Thompson, new books from C. Wayne Winkle, we have a brand new Mike Mackessy box set. We have “Whiskey Trail” from Tracy T. Thurman, the “Gunfighter” trilogy from John D. Fie, Jr. Charles Ray, you’ll like him, he has a brand new series called “Jacob Blade: Vigilante,” and all of those books are moving, grooving and riding their way up the bestseller chart. We have new hits from John Buzzard, John Sammon, Sketch Fargo, and pleasingly we have two new big sellers from the mighty Cherokee Parks. Heck, the list goes on, and on and on. Frankly I could reel the hits off forever—and ever—and ever. There’s so much happening right now.

As dismal as things were in those dark January days with the rain, snow, sleet and misery—this bright, shining Spring was in my head, and we all worked together to make sure that come Spring we had new flowers growing and new wonders to behold.

And now I ask you—you’re a Western writer—you’ve got a book to get onto the charts. What are you doing to make sure your book grows into a mighty fine hit? Are you trimming your keywords? Are you making sure you have those ads working for you? Are you getting forewords from other writers to help promote your book? Are you developing new cover designs? What are you doing to make sure those readers have something to read? After Spring comes Summer—and as we all know, summer is a time when folks want Westerns to read.

If you’re doing the above—that’s wonderful. I think you’ll see success. If you’re not, or you don’t know how to make your book spring into a seller, feel free to drop a line below and ask questions. You can’t do nothing. If you don’t know how to do it, I’m happy to help.

Remember—folks seem to think that Westerns are a solitary business. Every Western author is on his own. Ain’t true! There’s nothing solitary about the business of selling Westerns. If your books sell—his books have a chance of getting read by your readers; If his books sell, your book has a chance of getting read by his readers. It’s a work-together-kind-of-thing.

Now, that said—go play with your keywords, get yourself some ads, get yourself some forewords and get your book on the bestseller charts for the summer. But tell me—what are you currently reading? I’m currently reading “Death By Grit” from A.T. Butler. This is one of the books that make up his “Jacob Payne, Bounty Hunter” series— and it’s great. You should be seeing these books on the chart sometime soon I’d say. Never met the guy, but really enjoying his book, so go get it.

Now back to work! We’ve got more books to move, more Westerns a-coming! Maybe yours will be the next hit in the stack.