A Brand New Special Release From Dusty Saddle Publishing: The Crime Novel Cover Reveal

In the old west, you could always tell the good guys from the bad guys by the color of their hats.

But what if they changed hats mid-story? What if the good guys were being framed, their reputations at stake and their only recourse were to become lawbreakers themselves?

This is the story of five inner city cops who, after becoming the targets of a particularly devious and scheming lawyer, turn the tables on him and set him up to take the fall for a crime of their own making.

When the trail leads to a shooting club of old west types in hats, spurs, and blazing six guns, our group goes full cowboy to plant the goods on their mark.

As their scheme unravels and investigators tighten the noose, our boys use all the tricks they know to avoid capture till the final showdown with their nemesis.

Sometimes funny, but always serious business. This is an adventure seen through the windshield of a police car and over the ears of a galloping quarter horse!